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CO2 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector in Whitehorse

Keep your families and people safe by detecting the accumulation of Carbon Monoxide in homes and office spaces by installing CO2 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your house.


Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is called the silent killer because its presence cannot be felt. This colourless and odourless gas is highly poisonous, even if taken in small doses. In a household, CO is produced by fuel-burning appliances like furnaces, fireplaces, dryer vents, and smoking.


It is advised that you should install a carbon monoxide detector in your home to make sure that this poisonous gas doesn't accumulate indoors. Total Fire Protection Services Ltd sells, installs and maintains carbon monoxide detectors in Whitehorse. We also provide comprehensive fire protection services, including CO2 smoke detectors and alarms for both residential and commercial properties. Call now for any enquiry.


CO2 liquid creates the "smoke" effect when quickly released into the air by expanding to vapours and condensing the moisture in the air. This smoke effect is used in live concert shows and events to create surreal visual effects and highlight the stage's lighting effects for a visual treat to the audience.


Though a slight rise in CO2 levels is not noticeable due to its odourless and tasteless properties, its varying concentration between 1% and 5% (10,000 ppm-50,000 ppm) can pose health issues like headaches and drowsiness, unconsciousness and visual impairment, if not used in adequately ventilated areas.


Total Fire Protection Services Ltd supplies and installs CO2 and CO smoke detectors and alarms in Whitehorse to protect against high levels of CO2. They can be installed in places where high-pressure cylinders are stored to check for any leakage.


A carbon monoxide alarm is a home safety device that detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas and buzzes a warning alarm whenever there is a leak to prevent carbon monoxide gas. Here are a few things about these detectors and their usage that you should know:

  • Sources of CO leakage:
    • Household appliances that use gas, oil, coal or wood as fuel, like fireplaces, furnaces, chimneys, water heaters, HVAC systems and dryer vents, emit carbon monoxide. Further, their poor installation and maintenance can lead to CO gas leakage when fuel is not burning completely. To ensure no leakage from these appliances, they should be serviced regularly. Make sure you cover such areas with a detector.
  • Efficient installation:
    • The CO detectors should be installed on all the floors/levels and in the basement, so you can hear them wherever you are in the house. Also, keeping them in your bedrooms, living room, and the common room will help to sound an alert to everyone anywhere in the house.
      One can install interconnected carbon monoxide detectors to ensure complete protection. Even if one alarm goes off, all the other alarms will start beeping too, as they are all interconnected.
  • Different beep patterns:
    The carbon monoxide detector will beep in a specific pattern for sounding alert. It has different beep patterns to communicate:
    • One beep every minute means it’s time to replace the batteries, as the detector has a low charge in batteries.
    • Four beeps and a pause are a danger alert and indicate that there is carbon monoxide in the air. We advise you to go outside to breathe fresh air immediately in such cases and call emergency services.
    • Five beeps every minute indicate that the detector has reached the end of its life and that the carbon monoxide detector and alarm system need to be replaced with a new one.
  • Regular Checks:
    • You should test them every month and replace the batteries. They usually last for around 5-7 years after the timely replacement of batteries.

Total Fire Protection Services Ltd supplies carbon monoxide detectors in Whitehorse for residential and commercial properties for the protection of your family and staff.


To know more about carbon monoxide, refer to the answers to FAQ:


For installing carbon monoxide detectors in Whitehorse, reach out to Total Fire Protection Services Ltd. Contact us today for more details.

CO2 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Rely on our carbon monoxide detector in Whitehorse to prevent CO poisoning.

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