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Fire Safety Equipment for Whitehorse’s Homes

Total Fire Protection Services Ltd has you covered when it comes to fire safety equipment in Whitehorse and the Yukon. A fire extinguisher and suppression equipment are very important for your home – but so is additional equipment to stay prepared with, such as fire blankets and axes. Keep your home prepared for that worst-case scenario. Whether you need ladders or fire blankets, our company has what you need. We also offer emergency light testing to make sure you aren’t left in the dark should a fire take out your electricity. We ensure that you are prepared in every way for a hazardous fire in your home!

Contact Total Fire Protection Services Ltd today to get fire safety equipment for your home.


  • Safety Ladders

  • Safety Signs

  • Fire Axes

  • Fire Hoses

  • Fire Blankets

  • Specialty Orders

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