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Protect Your Home with Smoke Alarms & More in Yukon

It’s important to keep your home safe from the threat of fire to protect your investment and keep your loved ones safe. With the help of Total Fire Protection Services Ltd you can get the supplies you need to make sure that fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide can be detected before tragedy strikes. We stock fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and smoke detectors for Yukon's homes. Make a plan to keep your family, tenants or pets safe in case of fire, and call the experts to install the necessary equipment. Total Fire Protection Services Ltd sells, installs and repairs the following items to help keep your home and your family safe:

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Smoke Alarms

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Safety Equipment

  • Ladders


If a fire starts in your kitchen, you need to be prepared. Cooking fires spread very quickly, so you need to protect your home with effective, automatic fire suppression. Accidents happen, and repairs from kitchen fires can cost thousands of dollars. We offer kitchen fire suppression supplies beyond typical fire extinguishers. Protect the home you own or the property you rent from a tragic fire and prevent avoidable cooking fire-related injuries with these fire suppression tools. 


Smoke alarms help in identifying if there is smoke or even a fire in the house. The alarm will warn you of the potential fire and you can quickly check and identify the nature of the situation. You can immediately take preventive steps and can prevent damage. If these alarms are placed in the right location, it can also help the firefighters to locate the fire in the house and take necessary steps. Smoke alarms have a 10 year life span and must be replaced to ensure proper working order. The sensors can become dirty over time. 

Total Fire Protection Ltd offers reliable and efficient smoke alarm installation services for your Yukon property. Secure your house today with high-quality smoke alarms.

Contact Us Today 
To learn more about our fire suppression and detection products, contact Total Fire Protection Services Ltd today. We also provide Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems and Fire extinguishers for property owners in Yukon.

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