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Carbon Monoxide Alarm in Yukon

Keep your families and employees safe by preventing the accumulation of carbon monoxide in homes and office spaces by installing carbon monoxide alarms. Carbon monoxide leaks can become hazardous and cause potential damage to people present in the surrounding areas. If you are looking to install a carbon monoxide alarm in Yukon, rely on Total Fire Protection Services Ltd. We provide complete fire protection services for both residential and commercial properties.


A carbon monoxide alarm is a device that detects the presence of the carbon monoxide gas to prevent carbon monoxide gas poisoning. The alarm will be equipped with a sound alarm system so that if there is a leak, it can alert people to escape danger. 

Some apartments or households opt to install inter-connected carbon monoxide alarms so that you can ensure complete protection for your house. An added advantage of this is that even if one alarm stops working, the other alarms can warn you of the potential danger.


Basic appliances such as water heaters, cookers, boilers and central heating systems use fuels such as gas, oil, coal or wood. If these devices are not correctly installed or poorly maintained over the years, it can lead to leaking of the gas. It may even happen when these appliances do not burn the fuel completely. Here are other potential hazards:

  • Blocked chimneys can stop the flow of carbon monoxide

  • Burning fuel in an enclosed or a poorly ventilated space can also lead to a build-up of the gas

  • If the exhaust of the car is blocked, it could lead to the accumulation of carbon monoxide

Make sure that your devices are checked and inspected by a certified technician every year. The effects of exposure to carbon monoxide include a wide range of symptoms right from headache and nausea to brain damage or heart and lung damage. Prevent this by having high-quality carbon monoxide alarms in your Yukon property.

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